Exercise to get girls


No, I don’t mean cardio and weight training.  Although I do advise you do that. (I will be sharing a killer post on looks soon)  This is an exercise I was first advised to do long ago and I still suggest students do as well.

What I want you to do is write out at least five things that You want a girl to know about you, and things you want in a girl.  Often guys don’t know what to talk about, nor do they have any qualifications on which to screen women out.  If she’s beautiful that’s great, but that doesn’t mean that she will be a good fit for you.  This exercise will give you something to fall back on when you are talking to girls.

Here’s an example:

What I want women on adultfrinendfinder to know about me…

  1. -passionate about self improvement
  2. -love to travel
  3. -have an interesting  job
  4. -close with family
  5. -very athletic

What I want in a woman…

  1. -confidence
  2. -open minded
  3. -makes friends easily/social
  4. -independent
  5. -great sense of humor

These lists can go longer, and its a good idea to do just that.  In order to not clutter your head though, focus on the most important 5 from both.  These should provide you with a good game plan of what to talk about and screen for.  Make sure to update these lists as your goals, passions, and qualifications change.

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