How to Have The Best Sex of Your Life

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When I had completely let go of everything between us was – of course – the very moment when the molten electric liquid flooded in.

Our sex was always intimate, always hot and unexpectedly thrilling, but this time it cut deeper. I felt like I had accepted the worst and he had accepted the worst and still the desire between us came alive and demanded to be given full access. I knew that I was willing to stay open and go all-in no matter what our relationship was changing to but I did not think that he would let go without the handrails of safety we had had in place. But he did.

He growled his desires into my ear and I could feel all the little hairs on my skin stand up to meet his attention. An arc of energy rolled through my entire body causing my back to curl and arch like a cat’s and I felt my pussy immediately begin to swell and drip thick liquid into the boxer briefs I had nicked from his drawer. We drew it out, fucked fiercely like the world was ending, his eyes would catch mine and hold for a moment like magnets and then pull away. We peaked quickly, and then another peak, higher, and another, even higher. My body felt vibrantly alive with massive amounts of sensation and emotion. Every moment balanced on the tip of the meeting place of heartbreak and total ecstasy. At the highest peak it all exploded with the silent sensory sound of shattering glass and the mutual climax came out as bursting into tears together. We wept holding tightly to each other, trembling, ripples of electricity vibrating through us like sheet metal being shaken.

Sex on adultfrienedfinder like this is rare. It is landing in a moment that you know was made by an accumulation of truly pristine plays. You know you chose the hard right thing a hundred times instead of the easier thing. You know you were honest and vulnerable where you could’ve blocked and fogged. You know you stayed connected when you were terrified to do so, and you know that you intentionally revealed to them who you are all along the way. In other words, this kind of sex can only be earned through clean, patient play and focus. You put your head down into the game fully and have faith, dismantle all the programs of fear and shame that you encounter along the way, and don’t think about the outcome or let your thoughts hook you. Most of all, don’t expect it to come. Fuck for desire with thrusting vibrators and forget about your goals. It was when all hope was lost that it came. You can’t get it or take it or make it happen – it’s a kind of sex that can only be freely gifted. It is awakening inside of full surrender having realized that somehow when you weren’t looking, all of the weather elements had arranged themselves into a perfect storm meant to deliver to you your most deeply held and craved desires in precisely the way you most craved them.

Afterward, we stood by the window looking out over the city, our bodies damp and hot, the cool midnight breeze sending tingles over our skin. My hip brushed his and I said to him, “I pray that all the women in my life get to have sex like this someday if they haven’t already. The world would heal itself if people could have sex like this.” In his sweet, proper English way he replied, “Well that is a very kind wish for you to say, baby.” We stood in silence for twenty beats longer and then curled up in bed together to sleep, steeped in a kind of aching perfection.

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